Wer ist eigentlich...? - Mr. M.A., A.C.I.B. Sams

Mister Martin Sams
Du bist neu an der Hochschule, liest eine Modulbeschreibung und hast keine Ahnung wer dein Dozent ist?
Du bist schon eine Weile an der Hochschule und hast auch keine Ahnung wer im nächsten Semester dein Dozent ist?
Dem wollen wir Abhilfe schaffen. Wir stellen den Dozenten 10 Fragen, welche Sie frei beantworten können.
Bekomme einen Eindruck wer die Dozenten sind und womöglich fällt es dir dann leichter zu fragen oder etwas zu sagen!

10 Fragen an … Mr. M.A., A.C.I.B. Martin Sams

Wer sind Sie überhaupt?
My name is Martin Sams and I am English and have been living in Leipzig since 1998.

Wo kommen Sie her?
I was born in a country that no longer exists at least in name! This country is now known as Zambia. At the age of 10 I then attended a boarding school in England. A kind of Harry Potter world that I hold largely accountable for shaping my future outlook on life!

Seit wann sind Sie dabei?
I’ve been at the HfTL since 2000 and as Head of Language development since 2001.

Was haben Sie mal studiert?
I studied Applied Linguistics and The teaching of English for my master’s at Nottingham University in England.

Was lehren Sie hier?
I teach English in all its forms here at the HfTL

Woran forschen Sie gerade?
I keep abreast of the current developments in language learning and maintain my interest in the history and development of Germanic languages

Was erwarten Sie von Studenten?
I expect total commitment for all my students on the basis that this driving force will enhance their own learning best. I see learning as a two way relationship between teacher and student. That is, I believe in listening to and learning from the student. ‘Two-way feedback’ is the best way of developing our knowledge banks and our own vital contribution to advancing the process of learning further.

Würden Sie sich als „Exmatrikulator“ bezeichnen?
Definitely not!

Wieso haben Sie sich entschlossen Dozent zu werden?
I have always loved the environment of learning and believe that helping young people to develop their own learning is perhaps the best contribution I am able to make in the progression of humanity!

Beenden Sie folgenden Satz: „HfTL – Hier beginnt …“
Here begins the future – for you’ll be that much wiser and experienced for the long road ahead!

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12.04.2016 23:42

Associates of the Chartered Institute of Bankers (ACIB) - Mr. Sams worked in a bank before


15.04.2016 00:14

First sentence you guys missed an I '... and I am English... ' You're welcome :D


28.02.2017 13:47

An informative interview! But you misspelled the word "exists" in the Answer to your second question. You wrote "exits" instead =D And as mentioned from MM before, there should be a "I am an English teacher " instead of "I am English" in the answer to your first question.


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